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Disunion in day rates between high and low spec land rigs set to continue
Published by energy-market-research.info in November 2014
Andrew Meyers, Douglas-Westwood Houston, writes: In recent years in North America, unconventional drilling and the associated preferred rig attributes have created a divergence in day rates. Features such as AC power and ‘walking’ capability have created a delta for t...(more)

Global Industrial Valves and Actuators Market to reach $25.95 billion in 2018
Published by energy-market-research.info in September 2014
The increase in oil exploration activities, investments in new refineries, and modernisation of existing facilities will spur the uptake of valves and actuators, particularly in emerging markets such as Africa and Latin America. Demand from the offshore oil and gas indu...(more)

Total expenditure on ROV operations 2013-2017 to be worth USD 9.7 billion: study
Published by energy-market-research.info in November 2013
At the end of October the auction for production rights to Brazil's 12 billion barrel Libra field dominated the trade-and-technical press. This development is significant. Such that energy analyst firm Douglas-Westwood (DW) has raised the small matter of whether Petrobr...(more)

Alaskan TAPS turn off takes on political dimension
Published by energy-market-research.info in October 2013
The Major Pipelines of the World map, 4th Edition shows a thin red line running north to south across Alaska, and apparently isolated and distant from any other pipeline networks or refinery. This is the Trans-Alaska Pipeline (TAPS) that conveys oil from Prudhoe Bay to ...(more)

US nudges ahead in wind capacity adding 13,000 megawatts in 2012
Published by energy-market-research.info in October 2013
One of the major problems with wind energy is storing the energy created. When the wind blows, there is ample power; when the wind drops there has to be something ready to take over. In conventional market models this would be a fleet of coal fired power stations provid...(more)

A good year for European coal fired power stations...
Published by energy-market-research.info in October 2013
Coal is dead...allegedly. The coal power decommissioning market is expected to see a period of solid growth over the next decade as older coal power stations are replaced either by new more efficient coal power plants, or by cleaner natural gas, wind and solar facilitie...(more)

PE notes passing of fracking founder
Published by energy-market-research.info in September 2013
With fracking now figuring large in news headlines, particularly in the light of successes being reported in the USA, the September issue of 'Petroleum Economist' (PE) carried an obituary for George Mitchell, which it described as 'the god father of fracking'. The jour...(more)

How many lights have to go out before the UK embraces fracking?
Published by energy-market-research.info in September 2013
Four things the British population doesn't want are wind turbines, HS2 (a high speed rail-link connecting the English Midlands with Europe), a third runway at Heathrow Airport London and fracking. And a surprising number people not only don't want them in their own back...(more)

Kenya gears-up for largest African wind project
Published by energy-market-research.info in September 2013
Expected to be Africa’s biggest wind farm, Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) is expected to bring its 300MW project in Kenya on line during 2015, according to a report in ‘African Energy’. This project represents a significant part of the 510MW of wind energy that the Keny...(more)

Market for electric motors to grow faster than the vehicles they are being made for: study
Published by energy-market-research.info in September 2013
Analyst firm IDTechEx forecasts that the market for electric motors for electric vehicles (EVs) will reach USD 42.7 billion by 2023. Interestingly the firm reckons that the market for the motors will grow slightly faster than the market for the vehicles themselves. Ind...(more)

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