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Management Report
Published: August 2017
Pages: 174
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Research from: Visiongain
Sector: Chemical Industry & Markets

Forecasts by Generator Type (On Site, Portable), by Generator Capacity (Up To 100W, 101W-500W, 501W-1,000W, 1.1KW-3KW, above 3KW), by End Use (Chemical Processing, Fuel Cells, Petroleum Recovery, Refinery, Others) & by Geography Plus Profiles of Leading Companies Involved in Hydrogen Generation

The hydrogen generator sector is flourishing right now. The hydrogen generator value chain involves component suppliers of hydrogen generators and reaches down to the hydrogen end-users, which include the energy sector, the chemical industry, hydrogen filling stations, steel production, welding, food processing, industrial gas companies, and the flat glass industry.

Hydrogen generators are widely used in end-use applications such as chemical processing, fuel cells, petroleum recovery, refining, and others. Presently, chemical processing occupies the dominant market share globally. Oil and gas refineries demand more hydrogen in order to lower the sulfur content of diesel in line with stringent government regulations to minimize sulfur content. Chemical processing uses hydrogen to process ammonia, methanol, and other chemicals in a petrochemical complex. Both chemical processing and refining industries are the largest consumers of hydrogen. Demand for hydrogen generators in these industries is anticipated to grow during the forecast period.

Visiongain evaluates the hydrogen generator market at $914m in 2017 with major opportunities for incumbent and new entrants to capitalise upon this market expansion.

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141 table & charts quantifying and evaluating the market

Quantitative Market Analysis From 2017-2027

Global Hydrogen Generator Forecasts From 2017-2027

Regional Hydrogen Generator Forecasts From 2017-2027
• North America Hydrogen Generator Forecast 2017-2027
• Europe hydrogen generator Forecast 2017-2027
• Asia Pacific hydrogen generator Forecast 2017-2027
• Middle East & Africa hydrogen generator Forecast 2017-2027
• Latin America hydrogen generator Forecast 2017-2027

Hydrogen Generator Market Analysis Report 2017-2027

Hydrogen Generator Capacity Submarket Forecasts From 2017-2027
• Up To 100W Hydrogen Generator Forecast 2017-2027
• 101W-500W Hydrogen Generator Forecast 2017-2027
• 501W-1,000W Hydrogen Generator Forecast 2017-2027
• 1.1KW-3KW Hydrogen Generator Forecast 2017-2027
• Above 3KW Hydrogen Generator Forecast 2017-2027

Hydrogen Generator Type Submarket Forecasts From 2017-2027
• On Site Hydrogen Generator Forecast 2017-2027
• Portable Hydrogen Generator Forecast 2017-2027

Hydrogen Generator End-Use Submarket Forecasts From 2017-2027
• Chemical Processing Hydrogen Generator Forecast 2017-2027
• Fuel Cells Hydrogen Generator Forecast 2017-2027
• Petroleum Recovery Hydrogen Generator Forecast 2017-2027
• Refinery Hydrogen Generator Forecast 2017-2027
• Others Hydrogen Generator Forecast 2017-2027

Qualitative Analyses
• An Interview transcript from a leading expert
• PEST analysis of the market
• Drivers and restraints
• Consideration of regulatory, political and legal factors

Competitive Landscape Analysis Of Leading Companies
• Air Liquide
• Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
• Epoch Energy Technology Corporation
• Hy9 Corporation
• Hydrogenics Corporation
• Idroenergy S.R.L
• Linde AG
• McPhy Energy SA
• Praxair Technology, Inc.
• Proton OnSite Inc.

Who Should Read This Report?
• Hydrogen generator manufacturers
• Hydrogen infrastructure Installers
• Oil & gas companies
• Energy companies
• Automotive companies
• Petrochemical companies
• Food processing companies
• Glass manufacturers
• Renewable energy companies
• Electricity companies
• CEOs
• Asset managers
• Heads of strategic development
• Marketing staff
• Market analysts
• Consultants
• Managers,
• Governmental departments & agencies
• Investors
• Banks
• Industry associations

Companies Listed
Air Liquide
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Airox Nigen Equipments Pvt Ltd
Amr Computer LTDA.
Ballard Power Systems
Beijing Feda Geron Air Separation Technology Co. Ltd.
Beyond Dreams
BMW Manufacturing Co. LLC
Changsha City Okay Energy Equipment Co Ltd.
Changsha Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd.
Clean Energy Investments
Cryospec, Inc
Daimler AG
ECO Solution
Epoch Energy Technology Corp.
Garland Welding Supplies, Inc.
Global Tungsten & Powders Corp.
Golden Age
Golden Saqi Technology Co., Limited
Green Transportation Solutions
Guangdong Synergy Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Ltd
Hanjie International Technology Company Ltd
Hebei Construction and Investment Group Co., Ltd.
Helix Japan Co., Ltd.
HomePatient, Inc
Hunan Kater Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Hy9 Corporation
Hydrogenics Corporation
HyRadix Inc.,
Idroenergy S.R.L.
JiantouYanshan (Guyuan) Wind Energy,
Jinan Green Lab Instrument Co., Ltd
Jinan Mao An Instrument Co., Ltd.
JS Power Inc.
KingKar Eco-Technologies Co.,Ltd
Kurion Inc.
Laugfs Holdings Ltd.,
Leroi Machinery Co. Ltd.
Lincare Holding Inc
Linde Corporation
Linde Engineering North America
Linde Industrial Gases
Magnum Autotuning Ltd.
McPhy Energy SA
Messer Aligaz Sanayi Gazlari A.S.
Ningbo Hi-tech Eastsun Industry & Trade Co.
Pallas Nitrogen Texas, LLC
Praxair Technology Inc.
Proton OnSite, Inc.
Sankosha Corporation
Shandong Saikesaisi Hydrogen Energy Co Ltd
Shanghai COCH Energy Co. Ltd
ShinTek Industrial Engineering Company Limited
Siemens AG
Suzhou Jingli Hydrogen Production Equipment Co,.Ltd
Synergy Development Enterprise
The Linde Group
TianJin Mainland Hydrogen Equipment Co., Ltd
Union Space International Ltd
Verde LLC
WEG Industries
Weifang Aok Machinery Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd
Xiamen Lelirunan Tech.Co.,Ltd
XingYe Hydrogen
Yan’an Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd
YangZhou Chungdean Hydrogen Equipment Co., Lltd
Yangzhou Cril Electronics Co Ltd
Yara International ASA

Organisations Mentioned
U.S. Department of Energy
European Commission
Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
Shandong Institute Of Chemical Industry (Department Of Gas Source Equipment)
Valence Romans Sud Rhône-Alpes intercommunity authority


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