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World Offshore Wind Market Forecast Q1 2017-2025

World Offshore Wind Market Forecast Q1 2017-2025

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Market Briefing
Published: March 2017
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Research from: Douglas-Westwood
Sector: Renewables

Robust offshore wind opportunities in the near and the long-term

The World Offshore Wind Market Forecast Q1 2017-2025 is now available. The report is a concise 16 page update document presenting Douglas-Westwood’s (DW) latest view on the market. The World Offshore Wind Market Forecast provides the latest outlook on offshore wind sector activity, forecast to 2025, using the latest data.

Update Coverage:
Geographical capex forecast
Added and cumulative capacity volume
Added and cumulative turbines volume
Foundations by type and location volume
Cables by infield and export volume
Substations by type

Key Conclusions
Total spend over the 2017-2025 period has decreased by 2%, from €294bn in Q4 2016 to €289bn in Q1 2017.
Reduced Capex of €7.5bn over the forecast for the Rest of World, with a number of projects in Finland, Ireland and Italy being stalled until government support for offshore projects improves.
Global added capacity over 2017-2021 has reduced by 3.7%, from 69GW in Q4 2016 to 67GW in Q1 2017.
Since the last quarter, we have seen the delivery of the first US offshore wind farm, Block Island, with expected production of 30MW at full capacity.
The UK is forecast to continue to dominate offshore wind capex at 33% of the total market. 2016 saw the cancellation of the ECO TLP and W2Power Sea Trial projects and the decommissioning of the Beatrice Demonstration wind farm.
Infield cable km installed over 2017-2021 has decreased by 13%, from 19,205km in Q4 2016 to 16,714km in Q1 2017, driven predominantly by the Rest of the World region.
The World Offshore Wind Market Forecast Q1 2017-2025 is essential for anyone evaluating investment opportunities in the offshore wind sector, including growing firms seeking competitive advantage across segments, investment banks and advisory firms wanting to improve their understanding of the business and industry analysts seeking a competitive edge.

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