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Energy Independent Vehicles 2016-2026

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Management Report
Published: September 2015
Pages: 168
Tables: 34
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Research from: IDTechEx
Sector: Automotive

Energy-autonomous, self-sufficient, electric land vehicles, boats, ships and aircraft propelled entirely by on-board conversion of wind, sun, waves, other ambient energy

You can already buy a tourist bus or boat or golf car that never plugs in or refuels because it captures enough sunshine. Buy an autonomous underwater vehicle that surfaces to recharge its batteries with sunshine and sometimes wave power. See ships and planes circumnavigating the world electrically on sunshine alone. Buy an electric plane with a propeller that goes backwards when it rides thermals to charge the battery. Buy a boat that has a thrust propeller that does the same when under sail or moored in a tidestream.
Electric energy independent vehicles (EIVs) are going to be of immense importance even in remote communities and the third world as they become much more capable. Energy independent airships, fixed wing planes and underwater vessels are being designed for surveillance and inspection.
A multi-billion dollar industry is awaiting those involved in boats, ships, aircraft, land vehicles and energy harvesting. The electric vehicle business is forecasted by IDTechEx to be around $500 billion in 2026, rising strongly thereafter.
In this report the electric vehicle market addressable by energy independence technology is forecasted in 45 categories. And EIVs, often the end game, will be an increasingly significant part of it. Energy independent vehicle projects by land, on-water, underwater and in the air are analysed after a thorough grounding in the technologies. How those technologies will progress is given particular attention - from multi-mode harvesting to structural electronics where the structure doubles as supercapacitor, battery and so on. Achievements and potential are presented in easily understood form. The basis is almost entirely research in 2015 from intensive global travel, interviews and analysis by PhD level experts. Latest conference material and presentations from across the world are shown.

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