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World LNG Map 2015

World LNG Map 2015

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Published: April 2015
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Research from: Petroleum Economist Ltd.
Sector: Oil & Gas

World LNG Map 2015 by Petroleum Economist has been fully updated, providing a comprehensive guide to the world's LNG industry.

LNG export plants and import terminals by status (operational, under construction, planned or proposed, speculative).
For export plants the following information is provided: status, start-up year, operator, shareholders, capacity (m t/y), no of trains, process method, gas fields.
For import terminals the following information is provided: status; start-up year (plus expansions, if any), operator and receiving source.

Tables show:
LNG trade movements detailing exports and imports by country in Bn cm
World trade detailing exports and imports by region in Bn cm from 2004 - 2013 including 2015 start-up projects
LNG Vessel order book

Inset maps show:
Existing and future LNG exporting countries as at April 2015
United States importing terminals and exporting plants by key states
Qatar and UAE exporting plants
Chinese importing terminals
Southwest European importing terminals
Japanese importing terminals
East Mediterranean importing terminals and exporting plants

Size: 1,470mm x 891mm
Style: Landscape
Scale: 1, 23,000,000

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Petroleum Economist Cartographic has provided mapping to the energy industry on a world, regional and country basis covering the many different and complex energy related industries. Petroleum Economist uses the latest software and imagery to create stunning maps, the use of comprehensive data, charts and illustrations within the map deliver authoritative analysis of global and regional trends in the energy industry.
Since 1990, Petroleum Economist has distributed more than 1 million maps to oil companies, utilities, government agencies and academic institutions

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