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Arctic Oil and Gas Exploration

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Published: March 2014
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Less than a decade ago, the logic of Arctic exploration looked irrefutable. The world needed more energy and the region offered explorers the last great untapped frontier. But big plans do not necessarily translate into big realities. The history of exploration in the High North is littered with grand plans that turned sour, from Canada's plans to pipe gas from the Mackenzie Valley to the US, Gazprom's plans to develop the Shtokman gasfield in the Barents Sea and Shell's decision to back away from its Arctic exploration plans. It has vast potential – but with that potential comes vast cost, technological hurdles, and difficult environmental issues. This 19-page report looks at the Arctic, the main players and projects in the region, and assesses what the future could hold for the High North.

The Arctic report takes a country-by-country look at the play, weighing up the risks and benefits of Arctic exploration and assessing its future potential. The report includes a wealth of data and detailed maps.

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