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Petroleum Economist's Oil Sands 2013

Petroleum Economist's Oil Sands 2013

Table of Contents

Management Report
Published: August 2013
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Research from: Petroleum Economist Ltd.
Sector: Oil & Gas

Articles include:

> An overview of Canada's oil sands sector, written from Calgary and Fort McMurray
> A review of the potential markets for Canada's increasing oil sands production, plus an update on Keystone XL
> Venezuela's plans to increase production from its own oil sands and potential competition for the US Gulf Coast refining market
> Detail on the impact of foreign investment, led by China and India, in Canada's oil sands
> Discussion about the potential impact of environmental concerns on policy decisions and international trade deals

The report also includes:
> A detailed map of Alberta's oil sands infrastructure
> Graphs and tables to illustrate the key relevant trends in production and international trade

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