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NOCS, 2013 (National Oil Companies report)

front cover of NOCS, 2013 (National Oil Companies report)

Table of Contents

Market Briefing
Published: August 2013
Pages: 36
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Research from: Petroleum Economist Ltd.
Sector: Oil & Gas

Once the equation was simple: national oil companies (NOCs) controlled riches below the ground and international oil companies (IOCs) controlled both the technologies to extract them and the infrastructure above. But the past decade has seen that simple equation change.

NOCs still dominate the world's reserves, but they are facing the end of easy oil and must adapt to a new global economic climate – and the rise of unconventional resources. It appears that while government support could be a blessing for some NOCs; for others, government control could prove a curse.

Petroleum Economist's 36-page special report takes an in-depth look at all the major NOCs operating today – both those under complete government control and those which have been partially privatised. We assess their upstream assets, their financial performance, their ability to adapt to the changing economic climate.

Written by Petroleum Economist's team of international journalists, the survey covers the full gamut of NOCs, from the big oil-exporting ones of the Middle East and Russia to the consumer-nation companies in Asia, providing a thorough guide to some of the world's most secretive but powerful oil firms.

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