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China Magnesium and Magnesium Alloy Industry Report, 2012-2015

China Magnesium and Magnesium Alloy Industry Report, 2012-2015

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Market Study
Published: March 2013
Pages: 49
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Sector: Metals

The global output of primary magnesium increased by 4.8% year on year to 808 kilotons in 2012, mainly driven by the growing output of primary magnesium in China. China is the largest producer of magnesium metal in the world, with the output increasing by 5.7% year on year from 661 kilotons in 2011 to 698 kilotons in 2012, followed by Russia, Israel and Kazakstan with 37 kilotons, 30 kilotons and 21 kilotons respectively, basically consistent with the previous year.

In 2012, the magnesium alloy market demand is still the main engine driving the global primary magnesium consumption. On the one hand, the magnesium alloy demand of the automotive industry slowed down, but still maintained stable growth; on the other hand, the demand of consumer electronics like tablet PC and smart phone for die casting products such as magnesium alloy shell and bracket has ushered in rapid growth. As a result, China as the largest producer of primary magnesium and magnesium alloy in the world will maintain stable growth in the output of primary magnesium in the next few years.

China Magnesium and Magnesium Alloy Industry Report, 2012-2016 analyzes and forecasts the distribution of magnesium resources in China and worldwide, the supply and demand of magnesium and magnesium alloy in China, and introduces the development of major primary magnesium, magnesium alloy and magnesium alloy die casting enterprises.

Shanxi Yinguang Magnesium Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. is the largest primary magnesium producer in China, with a primary magnesium capacity of 100 kilotons in 2012. Its major subsidiary Shanxi Yinguang Huasheng Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd. ranked No.1 in China in terms of primary magnesium output in 2011. At present, the company has formed a complete industry chain covering from magnesium ore exploitation to magnesium alloy deep processing.

Nanjing Yunhai Special Metals Co., Ltd. is the largest producer of magnesium alloy in China, with a magnesium alloy capacity of 140 kilotons in 2012. The company has significant competitive advantages in China?s magnesium alloy market, and has occupied the largest market share for years. At present, the company is speeding up the magnesium alloy capacity expansion, and developing upstream industry chain in the regions with rich magnesium ore resources such as Shanxi Province.

Dongguan Eontec Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer of magnesium alloy precision die castings in China. It went public on GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2012. In recent years, its revenue from magnesium alloy products has maintained rapid growth. It?s accelerating the strategic turn to 3C products, and the magnesium alloy shell and internal bracket for tablet PC and smart phone will be main business growth points of the company in the future.

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