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The Schork Report is uniquely positioned as an information clearinghouse for the energy industry.

Its subscribers represent a broad cross section of the market sectors, from speculators through end-users. This provides it with a true pulse on the factors driving energy prices and the trends for consumer demand.
The letter's mission is to provide clients the benefits from a reliable range of tangibles -- daily reports that include a "game plan" on how to approach each trading day, commentary and analysis illustrating key supply/demand factors driving energy prices, and long-range price forecasts.

The Schork Report presents an objective view of the most needed information in an easy-to-read format -- providing comprehensive technical and fundamental daily views of the energy cash and financial markets

The reliability of The Schork Report's "Trading Bias" demonstrates our in-depth knowledge of the energy markets and our technical expertise to determine complex correlations between cost drivers and price action. Our subscribers value the marketable edge provided by the cross-commodity correlations in the daily commentary.

The Editor, Stephen Schork, was a proprietary floor trader (Local) in the New York Mercantile Exchange's energy complex.

Mr. Schork has more than 17 years experience in physical commodity and derivatives trading, risk systems modeling and structured commodity finance. For most of the 1990s, Mr. Schork was an Analyst with Glencore Ltd. and was a key player in Novarco Ltd., Marc Rich's last venture in the global energy trading arena.

Prior to launching TSR, Mr. Schork has spent the last four years developing mathematical models to present multi-year forecasts of energy prices used as a basis for hedging and trading activities at Conectiv Energy. Based on his proprietary fundamental and technical analysis techniques, Mr. Schork initiated a successful cross-commodity trading book that realized annual gross profit goals by the end of the second month of execution.

As a research analyst and trader, Mr. Schork is distinguished by his skill in identifying pricing inefficiencies in and among commodity markets.

The Schork Report is intended to be used as a briefing tool, complemented by the accessibility of our editorial and trading staff to provide further detail tailored to your business needs.

Our team continuously monitors pricing relationships in global commodity markets including intra-commodity spreads (calendar spreads), inter-commodity spreads (spreads between related commodities), geographical price relationships, and basis price relationships (cash vs.. futures). We maintain comprehensive databases recording historical and seasonal information, including the analysis of the behavior of a price series during given time intervals.

Each of the daily reports has a distinctive focus.

MONDAY: Commitment of Traders/Rig Counts Economic Theory
TUESDAY: Analysis of Geopolitical Events Economic Theory
WEDNESDAY: Analysis of Geopolitical Events DOE

> TSR provides each client with a commercially oriented, marketable edge over the competition.

> TSR analyzes the economic impact of geopolitical events on market activity to determine complex correlations between cost drivers and price action.

> TSR identifies trading and hedging opportunities by alternately applying fundamental and technical strategies as determined by fluid economic indicators.

> TSR integrates a vast array of information into a market view presented in a succinct format.

> TSR is published daily and disseminated via e-mail by 2am EST.

As in poker, commodity trading is a zero-sum game based on calculated risk.

The commonality of both is that the proverbial trigger must be pulled in advance of seeing the other "player's" cards -- and ultimately what one "player" wins is offset by the other's loss.
Commodity trading and poker alike are probabilistic pursuits. To realize consistent gains, both the poker player and the trader must be disciplined and think in terms of odds.

David Sklansky's book, The Theory of Poker, has long been a recommended read by our staff. The logic detailed in this book is directly correlative to success in commodity trading. Expanding upon this, The Schork Report employs a multi-disciplinary approach to identify trades where a combination of fundamental, seasonal or cyclical factors suggests an enhanced return.

Readers' questions, comments and feedback fuel the evolution of the newsletter. We invite you to read and react to The Schork Report.


10 Ways lients Profit from The Schork Report

1. Concise – The Schork Report consolidates the (over)abundance of energy market intelligence 'noise' to present a cross-commodity briefing tool which highlights the day’s key issues. Readers rely on its succinct, easy-to-read format and employ its commentary and analysis as the basis for their trading strategy development.

2. Consistent – Start your day, everyday with The Schork Report. Its consistent format allows clients to quickly read the report and incorporate its value into their daily processes.

3. Bold – It takes a real stand on market direction; not only is the data expertly accumulated, consolidated and reported, but The Schork Report’s 'Trading Bias' evaluates the anticipated impact on price movement. It provides specific, operative strategies to further your business goals.

4. Holistic – The energy markets are dynamic and are influenced by a large number of cost drivers. Its staff incorporates a 360 degree view, including historical, seasonal, cyclical, and geopolitical factors, applying fundamental and technical analysis to forecast market direction and enhance rofitability.

5. Consultative – In addition to the written report, clients of The Schork Report are encouraged to engage its staff in dialogues on market activity and/or for further information on the reports’ content.

6. Insightful – Its consultative approach provides feedback from both hedgers and speculators - including Producers, Utilities, Hedge Funds, and Wall Street Institutions - giving it a true pulse of both the supply and the demand side of the market. While it never discloses the trading biases of individual clients, it does aggregate the data to apply the overall insight gained from these discussions (an extremely unique perspective!) and incorporate this into its recommendations.

7. Expertise – Commodities trading is a zero-sum game based on calculated risk. The Schork Report employs a multi-disciplinary, cross-commodity, proprietary approach to identify trades where a combination of fundamental, seasonal, or cyclical factors suggests an enhanced return.

8. Profitable – Given the stakes and the size of investment, even marginal improvements in your trading approach will produce measurable results. Its strongest advocates are those who initially questioned the need for another fee-based advisory service; these same skeptics unanimously recognize that the value of content that more than justifies the subscription fee. In fact, many  clients recoup the annual subscription cost with the profits from a single trade.

9. Unbiased – It earns no commissions or fees from your trading activities – and it doesn’t have to answer to investors or a board. This keeps it purely objective. If it thinks you should be on the sidelines, it will say so!

10. Validation – Its mission is to give readers substantiated arguments. Having an expert, objective opinion to compare against can help you feel confident taking decisive action.

About Stephen Schork

Editor – Stephen is the editor and visionary behind The Schork Report. He guides research and analysis activities and oversees the development of proprietary mathematical models designed to identify pricing inefficiencies and optimize returns. Stephen is also active on a consultative level with subscribers, offering unparalleled direct access and personalized counsel.

Trader / Analyst – Prior to founding The Schork Group Inc., Stephen spent 15 years as a NYMEX floor trader and senior analyst. In the daily report, Stephen blends these distinct disciplines to present a unique approach to market intelligence, with a focus on providing operative trading strategies.

Presenter – Stephen is a compelling speaker and frequently presents at industry events, including the NESA Annual Meeting, Enerdata’s Outlook Forum, and the CFA Society’s luncheon series. His thoughtprovoking presentations have established him as one of the industry’s most sought after experts.

Media – Stephen is regularly interviewed by media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, BusinessWeek, Bloomberg News, Reuters, Platts, and CNNMoney.com. He is a frequent
guest on CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

"My objective with The Schork Report is to cut through the noise in the energy market intelligence business. I developed our report in response to the lack of concise, consistent, and marketable information. My goal is to save our clients a significant amount of time, but more importantly to help them implement extremely profitable trading strategies." – Stephen Schork, Editor, The Schork Report.

What Others Are Saying About The Schork Report

"The Schork Report provides each client with a commercially oriented, marketable edge over the competition."

"In-depth, yet concise energy market analysis that is second to none."

"The Schork Report’s consultative approach is unique and provides advanced correlations between cost drivers
and price action. The market doesn’t stop moving — and neither does their insight."

"I read ‘The Bible’ (The Schork Report) everyday."

"Value from the trading floor to the boardroom."

"Unparalleled marketable applications and consistent, profitable, calls."

"Must-have information for any investor in the oil and gas industry."

"Our key decision makers consider it a must read every morning."

"I use it to analyze and determine trends in the energy markets."

"Provides a unique blend of technical and fundamental discussion across multiple energy commodities."

Clients of The Schork Report represent the largest and most influential energy traders,financial institutions, hedge funds, producers, and end-users in the world. This cross-section of each market sector provides us with a unique perspective on both the supply and demand dynamics, which we use as the basis for our daily commentary and analysis.

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