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2012 Witnesses Boost to Nuclear Power Despite Few Impediments

2012 Witnesses Boost to Nuclear Power Despite Few Impediments

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Published: January 2013
Pages: 10
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2012 Witnesses Boost to Nuclear Power Despite Few Impediments


In 2012, a number of countries demonstrated their willingness to develop nuclear power by implementing various initiatives such as investment in nuclear energy research, signing of co-operation agreements with other countries for the development of nuclear power, and extending the operational lives of existing nuclear reactors. While many countries opted to develop nuclear power, a number wished to phase it out entirely or reduce dependence upon it, due primarily to public concerns regarding the safety of nuclear power plants following the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011. Countries such as China, India, the US, the UK and South Korea are highly motivated to develop nuclear power, which augers well for the nuclear power industry, given the magnitude of planned nuclear power in these countries. However, countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Belgium have decided to phase out nuclear power, citing safety risks associated with the operation of nuclear power plants. France is expected to determine its stance towards nuclear power in 2013.


- The report focuses on how various events in 2012 impacted the nuclear power industry.
- Describes the stance of key countries towards nuclear power.
- Specifies the expected impact of various research and development initiatives on market conditions.
- Details the nuclear energy scenario of important emerging nuclear countries.

Reasons to buy

- Understand the various factors which impacted the nuclear energy industry in 2012
- Facilitate investment decision-making based on various inter-governmental agreements undertaken in the international nuclear industry.
- Understand how safety concerns and political changes impacted the nuclear power industry.
- Estimate future market scenario using prevailing market conditions.

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