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Wind Energy Industry in South Africa - Ready to Take Off

Wind Energy Industry in South Africa - Ready to Take Off

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Market Briefing
Published: May 2012
Pages: 7
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Sector: Renewables

Wind Energy Industry in South Africa - Ready to Take Off


South African wind energy is poised for large growth. The country has large wind potential, economy is growing, and the government is also promoting the use of renewable energy. The current electricity supply is dominated by coal, which accounts for close to 90% of the total capacity. However, coal generation is marred with issues such as price hikes and emissions. Therefore, the country will have to explore additional sources of power such as gas and renewable energy. Wind power has tremendous potential, but tapping this increasingly attractive source requires encouraging and consistently supportive policy mechanisms. With favorable FITs, investment sops, incentives for wind energy projects and investments in supportive infrastructure, the wind industry in South Africa can be considered a promising business market. We estimate the market will grow even beyond the government?s current target and reach 10.7 GW by 2030.


The scope of report includes -
- The report Analyse the future economic growth of South Africa
- It covers "Ease of Doing Business" in comparision with other developing countries.
- Covers electricity demand analysis forecast up to 2030,
- Analyse the Integrated resources potential (IRP targets)
- Analyse the untapped Wind Resource Potential
- Provides an insight on domestic manufacturing development
- Provided wind capacity forecast

Reasons to buy

- The report provides the analysis on market out look for wind power development for the period up to 2030.
- It provides the key insight of the wind market of the South Africa
- It provide the analysis on ?Ease of Doing Business Analysis with comparative analysis with other developing?
- It provides Electricity demand analysis forecast up to 2030
- It provides the historical wind development and future forecast for the wind
- It provides an insight on domestic manufacturing development
- It provides an insight on Integrated resources potential (IRP targets)
- It provides an insight on untapped wind resource potential


Wind, South Africa, Ease of Doing Business, Starting a Business, Integrated Resource Plan, Untapped Wind

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