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Cushing OK - Oil Pipeline Infrastructure Map

image of Cushing OK - Oil Pipeline Infrastructure Map

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Published: December 2011
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Research from: Petroleum Economist Ltd.
Sector: Maps

A new joint venture product between the Petroleum Economist and Genscape featuring the oil pipeline infrastructure centred on Cushing, Oklahoma. Cushing is strategically important to the United States, and is a major oil hub connecting the Gulf Coast suppliers with northern consumers. Cushing is seen as the most significant trading hub for crude oil in North America. As well as illustrating the pipeline network from the south to north of the US, it also shows the Keystone pipeline which transports Canadian crude oil to markets in the US and beyond. 

  • Layered PDF: The PDF has been layered so that individual pipelines or features can be isolated
  • Mapping: Third Generation mapping, with high-definition satellite derived imagery.
  • Mapping content: Locations of both oil pipelines to and from Cushing, Oklahoma
    • 22 pipelines are shown (12 from 10 to Cushing), each being colour coded and categorised by capacity
    • Pump stations for each line
    • Major oil refineries
  • Data and Tables: showing individual data for each pipeline including:
    • Owner
    • Capacity;
    • Diameter;
    • Crude type:
    • Length; and
    • Origin (where applicable)      
  • Inset map: Canadian section of the Keystone pipeline.

A1 (594mm x 840mm)

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