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Power Uprates - Boosting the Nuclear Industry

Power Uprates - Boosting the Nuclear Industry

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Market Briefing
Published: April 2012
Pages: 7
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Sector: Nuclear

Power Uprates - Boosting the Nuclear Industry


Power uprates are an alternative way of increasing nuclear power companies? electricity generation capacity without building new power plants. Nuclear equipment suppliers view power uprates as a significant source of revenue generation as they induce the need within a power plant to purchase various equipments required for upgradation or replacement. An additional advantage of power uprates has been the increased emphasis on plant safety, as the increased capacity comes with re-evaluations of plant operations and safety margins.


- Market prospects of nuclear power plant uprates providing huge benefits leading to the growth of Nuclear Industry
- Key benefits of power uprates influencing the growth of nuclear power industry
- Future and current market potential offered by nuclear power plant uprates
- Key regional developments indicating the increasing importance of power uprates in the nuclear industry

Reasons to buy

- Identify the key economic benefits and business opportunities with the execution of nuclear power plant uprates
- Gain insights on the growth potential of nuclear power offered by power uprates
- Developing strategies for enhancing nuclear safety with power uprates
- Facilitate decision-making based on key regional developments related to the increasing importance of power uprates


Nuclear power, power uprates, Measurement uncertainity recapture, Stretch uprates, Extended uprates, nuclear equipments market, Nuclear safety

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