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The China Power Market Guide & Outlook 2014

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The China Power Market Guide
and Outlook 2014

China's power generation market, heavily restructured over the past decade, has witnessed an unprecedented level of growth in installed capacity as the country struggles to ensure that it has sufficient and secure levels of power supply to meet the demands of strong and sustained economic growth.

In fact since market restructuring in 2002, designed precisely to increase investment and efficiency within the market, China's power capacity has grown at an astounding CAGR of 12.2% - growing from 357GW at year-end 2002 to 1,259GW in 2013.

Now, although much of this capacity growth has primarily benefited indigenous equipment manufacturers and investors, opportunities for foreign technology providers and investors still exist. It is with this in mind that the 'China Power Market Guide & Outlook 2014' has been published.

As the Chinese economy continues to grow and electricity demand with it, the power industry faces a number of major challenges over the next decade that also provide a host of potential market opportunities. Some of the key challenges involve developing a secure and diversified energy mix that is less reliant upon highly polluting energy sources such as coal. Furthermore, the move towards greater levels of intermittent power sources, such as wind and solar PV power, is also creating a number of challenges for grid security and stability and will require suitable technology (e.g. smart grids) and investment to fully integrate into the power network.

With R&D continuing to be a weakness for China in general, and the power market in particular, there remain significant opportunities for foreign players to become involved in this huge market. Many Chinese companies are still heavily dependent on foreign technology transfers and do not always have access to the latest and most advanced technologies. Although Chinese companies are looking to develop indigenous R&D - for example, developing large-scale wind turbines (3MW to 10MW) for the anticipated massive offshore wind market - the level of expertise and standard of finished products relative to industry leading international technology continues to provide foreign businesses with substantial opportunities.

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Precergy Power Perspective ....7
Pollution: Can China reduce its addiction to coal power?........8
China: More gas but same old problems......10
Installed Capacity Ranking ......13
Project Economics & Foreign Investment ......17
Value Chain Analysis ......29
Market Outlook ......43
- Installed Capacity History
- End-User Consumption History
- China 12th Five-Year Plan Capacity Targets & Longer-Term View
- Market Forecasts 2014-2018
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